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Reading the book "Creative Is a Verb" by Patti Digh has me pondering my role in self-actualization, in "becoming me." This post poses a handful of questions prompted by Patti Digh's writing. I'd love to hear what you think on this topic of "becoming ourselves." Join the discussion here, on twitter or on the Facebook community page! Read more →

Explore: 7 Tools for Finding Your Heart's True Path

This post is a complete list of the books that have guided my exploration of my life's path over the past several years. Through my journey toward my heart's true path, I have discovered my life's authentic source of meaning and fulfillment. What books or other resources would you add to the list? Read more →

Your heart's true path is paved with activities you are wired to do and love, given your unique interests, strengths and personality traits. Following your heart's true path gives your life meaning. Paying attention to how your heart feels, investigating your life events, imagining possibilities and answering your own tough questions can help lead you to the treasure that is your heart's true path. Read more →