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One of my goals for this year has been to "make time," to carve out more time to do what's important to me. I've been surprised at my success with this goal. What I've been doing to make it happen: meditating, keeping electronics off, writing portable to-do lists and using small slices of time. I find that I accomplish more of what I want to do; I waste less time and I spend less energy grumbling about not having enough time. Can you offer tips for creating time or managing time? Read more →

Learn: Quantity Time Nurtures Quality Moments

What's more important: quality time or quantity time? My conclusion is that quality time sprouts in "quantity time" fields. Without a vast field that can foster spontaneous moments of pure quality, quality time (think a day's visit to an adventure park) looks like a potted plant sitting alone on a shelf. A potted plant might be nice to look at, but it's disconnected, needing only a little water now and then. A field, on the other hand, requires vigorous tending: sowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing. Read more →