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Learn: Optimism

Optimism isn't just a half-full glass or pitcher of lemonade squeezed from life's lemons. The Mayo Clinic credits positive thinking with enhancing a person's general well-being through improved cardio health, better coping skills, "effective stress management," and even a longer life. In his book Focus on the Good Stuff, Mike Robbins asserts that a positive outlook can help you enrich relationships and realize "greater success and fulfillment." Psychologist David Niven points to numerous scientific studies that link happiness with optimism in his book 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People. Is optimism something ingrained in one's personality? Or can we learn how to see things from the positive side? Read more →

Share: Memorial Day Music

On Memorial Day we honor those who have fought for our freedom and died in the service of our country. With that, I offer these three songs in remembrance. Neil Young's "Love and War" sounds to me like a beautiful, quiet creek, flowing in tired protest of war. In "The... Read more →

Share: "Friday Five" Love List

This past week ... I loved that Allison (age 8) chose as her bedtime story "looking up words in the dictionary." Together we looked up "innovation" and "superlative," along with a couple other words that jumped out as interesting along the way. I loved that Lauren (age 11) prodded me... Read more →

Share: Forgiveness Information

After I posted Learn: Forgiveness, the topic of forgiveness kept popping up at me. These resources offer expert information about forgiveness. A Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) article too-old-to-link-to (September 2007) led me to this web site, which discusses the stress-busting healing powers and medical benefits of forgiveness. The site... Read more →