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Learn: Forgiveness

Over time, I realized I could take my gloves off and play my forgiveness card without waiting for apologies. The idea of forgiveness without apology was like an epiphany. Without grudge-laden gloves, I could touch the full love and trust in my heart; I could feel a more complete faith in humanity and in my dreams. I could recognize my imperfection. Read more →

Share: Monday Music

While unexpected homeownership responsibility sucks up most of my Monday, these songs will help carry me through a decidedly discouraging day. "Walking Far from Home" by Iron & Wine The Head and the Heart's "Lost in my Mind." And, in honor of Bob Dylan's birthday: "Subterranean Homesick Blues." Read more →

I loved hearing a guy beautifully honor his deceased stepdad by belting out a couple original acustic songs at the memorial service. I loved strolling through Munsinger Gardens Thursday afternoon. (I took this photo of tulips with my iPhone 3G.) I loved that when I emailed a frazzled comment to... Read more →

Striding toward Doing

I left my career a few years ago in hopes of avoiding burnout and recovering happiness. Since then, I have dabbled in this-and-that; I have done some volunteering; I have enjoyed family vacations; and I continue to have fun at my part-time job. But "something" has still been missing. Like... Read more →