Learn: Optimism
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Share: Positive News Sources

These three sites offer all positive news all the time. They’re worth visiting for a little pick-me-up or when bad news seems to be ruling the airwaves.

1. From London comes Optimistworld.com, a site focused on uplifting news as well as other categories that can inspire positivity: Charities, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sports and Sustainable Travel. Optimistworld.com  claims to offer "astonishingly inspiring stories that show the best of human spirit, reveal the goodness of man's nature and actions that illustrate a genuine desire by many to improve the world we live in." You can also follow the site on Twitter.

2. Based in Manassas, Virginia, The Good News Network (GNN) aims to provide a "Daily Dose of News to Enthuse." The site covers Business, Civics, Science, Family, Health, Inspiration, Sports and Celebrities. Recent leading stories include "Survival of the Nicest" and UPS's new ultra-lightweight trucks. GNN offers a free newsletter that features the week's top stories.

3. The writers at HappyNews.com out of Austin, Texas, "believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news." The site's goal is to offer uplifting and inspirational stories from around the world. Articles cover a broad variety of categories: Home, International, National, Business & Money, Health, Science & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Heroes, Opinion & Editorials, Environment.

Happy news-reading!