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Striding toward Doing

I left my career a few years ago in hopes of avoiding burnout and recovering happiness. Since then, I have dabbled in this-and-that; I have done some volunteering; I have enjoyed family vacations; and I continue to have fun at my part-time job.

But "something" has still been missing. Like other women seeking the missing "something," I have read books and blogs and have completed a number of “try this” exercises these past years. But, as Bono sings, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. I have continued to feel frustrated, discouraged and sometimes downright bummed out.

As part of my seeking process, I have brainstormed writing ideas and practiced writing to see "whether I can write" and "whether I like to write." I have not, in the past, thought of myself as a writer. On Saturday, in fact, at a writing seminar, I announced, "I'm thinking about the possibility of maybe starting a blog. But I’m not a writer."

That evening, a few words hurtled me toward creating Learn + Explore + Share. In a rant about writing, Patti Digh seemed to admonish me directly: "Everything you are doing to avoid actually writing is a deflection, including taking more classes."

Forty-eight hours later I had posted my first blog entry.

During the last couple years, my fear of vulnerability and my fear of failure have anchored me to seeking and prevented me from doing. Today I have discovered that my personal responsibility for this blog will help me trample my fears. And with that discovery, my heart glows, my mouth smiles, and my dedication to Learn + Explore + Share feels even more "right."