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In order to make this summer fun and memorable for my daughters and me (probably more for me), I have tried to stop myself from saying no and first ask myself, "why not?" The summer is still fresh, and we have been busy with scheduled activities, but recognizing the potential for spontaneity, I'm opening my heart to everyday possibilities.

A few baby-step actions have blipped in and out of our days this week: One day my girls and I spontaneously detoured to a new-to-us playground. Another afternoon, we slurped up bubbly root beer floats together. Venturing to a restaurant I had always noticed but had never visited, I sampled a dense tamale yesterday.

A pivotal spontaneous decision prompted my recent post Learn: Spontaneity. Last week my uncle, a video producer, asked my family to fill in for another who could no longer participate in a planned shoot of an overnight sailing excursion in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. (I admit that my first thoughts were of my basement that awaits repair and the 4- to 5-hour one-way drive to Bayfield, Wisconsin, from Minneapolis ...) But my husband hardly let me finish the story before reaching for his phone to talk with his boss about being gone a couple days, and the girls jumped in excitement at the prospect of a new adventure.

Less than 48 hours later, we were literally on board, and it's an experience we'll all treasure for the rest of our lives.

Apostle_islandsAllison & Lauren piloting  Dragonfly. Photo by Joel with a Canon EOS digital Rebel XS.

P.S. In the fall winter spring, I'll post a link to the online video of the local TV program about our trip. (Update: The 8-minute program segment is online here!)

Update: Within the past 10 minutes, we've signed up for more spontaneous fun! A friend called to ask for our help to save Saturday's parent/child bread-making class from cancellation. Only two more kids were needed for the class to carry on; my two sailors gave an enthusiastic thumbs up and are ready to don aprons this weekend. Cheers to improptu adventures!