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  • I love that today my husband and I celebrate 16 years of marriage. That means each of us have said at least 6,000 "I love yous" (so far). I love that we'll spend a perfect-weather-forecast weekend tent camping with some aunts, uncles and cousins at a state park.
  • I love my part-time job at Creative Kidstuff: great training, fun coworkers and invaluable flexibility.
  • I love that my daughters have been getting along well and being helpful this week.
  • I love that in the past week I made noticeable progress on a gardening project that took a lot of effort. Seeing the beauty of my work next spring will be even better.
  • I love the way flower buds unfold. Yesterday evening the irises were pointy bundles of indigo, and today a few are open in full raindropped splendor.

What are you grateful for? What’s on your Love List?

Both images taken with my iPhone 3GS.

  Open iris1 Iris buds1