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Here's my gratitude list as another summer slides away:

  • I love that this week's mild weather allowed us to keep
    our windows wide open
  • I loved my invigorating workouts at the gym this week: cycle,
    zumba and yoga
  • I loved hearing 8-year-old Allison complain, "I hate having little kids for cousins. They grow up too fast!"
  • I loved 11-year-old Lauren's description of Grandpa visiting her dream: The family was gathered for a holiday or celebration when Gramps walked in with Grandma and Carol (my grandparents' caregiver). Gramps snuggled with Lauren and told her about heaven. All Lauren remembers is that he told her, "Heaven is a good place."
  • I love my twitter community, both here, where I tweet about grief, and
    at Learn + Explore + Share.

Share your love list with me here or on twitter. I'd love to hear what
you're grateful for.

L A & Gramps Easter 2009 Lauren (then 9) and Allison (then 6) with Gramps, Easter 2009. When Lauren happened to see this photo Thursday, she exclaimed, "That's the shirt he wore in my dream!"