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Share: "Friday Five" Love List

It hDahliaappens every year:
As I desperately appreciate these last summer days, knowing the snow will begin to fly all too soon, I eagerly count down the days until school starts again, when regular routines restore order to time and space in my house. Looking back at this week ... 

  • I love this beautifully buttery dahlia, the first dahlia I've ever grown, blooming in my backyard. Image taken with my iPhone 3GS.
  • I loved seeing a bin at the gas pumps that was half trash and
    half recycling. (Finally!)
  • Generally not being a person who enjoys shopping, I surprisingly loved school clothes shopping with my girls on Wednesday afternoon. We found cute clothes for each of them, and they were so excited and happy to add clothes to their wardrobes that fit each of their (different) personal styles.
  • I loved participating in my first yoga class in a few weeks and especially love that yoga helped ease the lower back pain I've had since a
    senseless-slouch-at-the-computer session last week.
  • I love that my cousin brought Lauren and Allison to a super awesome water park earlier this week. They spent all day in the water, but my favorite photo from the day is one of them blowing bubbles
    while waiting for the park to open.Girls - bubbles at Bunker Beach                                                                                 Photo (c) Jennifer Tchida

Happy weekend. Share your love list with me here or on twitter. I want to
learn what you're grateful for!