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Share: "Friday Five" Love List

Today we are packing for tenting at a fun annual camp-out that helps mark the beginning of the end of summer. We expect an all-too-short weekend of pine smelling, stargazing, gooey s'mores eating, relaxing and catching up with friends we see only once or twice a year.

Here's my list of gratitude for this last full week of August:

  • After trying (and failing) all summer to get together with a good friend,
    I loved spending time with her and her sweet little daughter on Wednesday afternoon.
  • I loved "making time" this week: getting up early and carving out time to
    do things I wanted to (blogging, working on an art collage, and even doing housework).
  • I know I've said it before, but I love interacting with people on twitter, where I discover things I wouldn't otherwise know. (Like this chocolatier to which artist/consultant/blogger Jen Hewett introduced me.)
  • I love the myriad opportunities presenting themselves to me for fall. I mentioned a couple of them in my Wednesday post. I'm still considering participating in a session at The Creative Connection next month. Yesterday I excitedly registered for this self-guided course that begins on Labor Day. Next week registration opens for a small little writing course I'm nervously anticipating.
  • Lastly (thinking about spending two nights in a damp, cold tent): I love my comfy bed.

Happy Friday, everyone. Share your love list with me here or on twitter. I'd love to
learn what you're grateful for.