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Explore: Meditation

This entry, a follow-up to Learn: Meditation, offers an annotated list describing meditation resources. Included in the list are: Teach Yourself to Meditate in 10 Simple Lessons by Eric Harrison; Meditation: Simple Steps to Peace, Well-Being and Contentment by John Hudson; The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thích Nhãt Hanh; The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka; and Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Online resources for Centering Prayer cap the list. If you are someone who practices meditation, Centering Prayer or another form of being still, I am interested in hearing about your experiences or your concerns. Read more →

Six months ago today, my 86-year-old grandpa died at home on a beautiful early-Spring afternoon. During Grandpa's last ten days, I came to understand that death, just like life, is a miracle. Over and over, I have replayed the simple, now-sacred moments I had spent with Gramps during those last days. Though my grief has lightened, I don’t know that it will ever go away. Read more →

Learn: Meditation

Today's post offers an overview of meditation: what it is; where, when and how to meditate; and how to know if you're meditating "correctly." Though I have been interested in meditation for many years, I only began meditating on a fairly regular basis earlier this year. As many proponents suggest it will do, meditation has brought a measure of clarity to my life―not every day and certainly not all day long―but I have found that I can more easily listen to my mind (or my soul, if you will) when I have consistently spent some time in meditation. Read more →

This morning I feel a sense of clarity and peace about the activities I'm choosing to fill my life. I am grateful for a week in which areas of my life seem to be aligning to create my Big Picture. What are you loving in your life? Share your love list with me here or on twitter. I'd love to find out what you're grateful for. Have a great weekend! Read more →