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As a follow-up to my post earlier this week, this annotated list describes the sources I cited in Learn: Meditation along with a few additional resources for further exploration.

In Teach Yourself to Meditate in 10 Simple Lessons, Eric Harrison uses simple language to describe core practices of meditation, including breathing, posture, body awareness and detachment. He also discusses using mantras, visualization and other techniques for deepening a meditation practice. You
can learn about Harrison's Perth Meditation Centre and read his magazine articles here.

John Hudson's Meditation: Simple Steps to Peace, Well-Being and Contentment offers cursory overviews of exercises, postures and guided programs for meditation. Hudson outlines ways to apply the meditative state in various situations (e.g., improving self worth, learning confidence, making decisions and improving creativity). 

 The Miracle of Mindfulness is Buddhist monk Thích Nhãt Hanh's foundational manual, which fluidly covers the philosophy of mindfulness―complete awareness―as well as meditation exercises. Visit Plum Village online to explore Thích Nhãt Hanh's work further.

In The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters Most, architect, writer and "cultural visionary" Sarah Susanka uses simple exercises and inspiring stories to reveal that we already have all the space and time we need in order to live meaningful lives. The book's eighth chapter, "Creating a Place and a Time of Your Own," discusses mindfulness, solitude and still time or meditation. Chapter eight's web page offers links to additional resources including where to find meditation timers Susanka recommends in the book.

Meditation teacher and author Jon Kabat-Zinn's bestselling Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life presents an easy-going introduction to engaging mindfully in life's moments. Kabat-Zinn describes mindfulness as purposeful and nonjudgmental awareness and offers meditation―conscious and intentional "non-doing"―as a way to practice mindfulness. This site lists links to several of Kabat-Zinn's various talks on mindfulness topics, including this well-known session he presented to Google in October 2007.

Earlier this week, Brad left a comment mentioning Centering Prayer, a form of Christian meditation. You can read more about this approach at these sites:

Journey Center

Centering Prayer in Reading (Pennsylvania)

Contemplative Outreach Pittsburgh


Are you someone who practices meditation, Centering Prayer or another form of being still? I am interested in hearing about your experiences or your concerns. Comment here or send me a tweet.

"By focusing inward for a short period each day, we can truly become
human beings rather than human doings."
―Sarah Susanka, The Not So Big Life