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September 2011

Life seems to be moving at lightening speed these days; I am cramming so much into my days. I'm filling my time with meaning: I'm exploring dreams and possibilities, learning about mind mapping, sharing a meditative walk through the redwoods and amazed by the volume of interesting and inspirational work on the web. What are you exploring, learning, sharing, etc.? Read more →

One of my goals for this year has been to "make time," to carve out more time to do what's important to me. I've been surprised at my success with this goal. What I've been doing to make it happen: meditating, keeping electronics off, writing portable to-do lists and using small slices of time. I find that I accomplish more of what I want to do; I waste less time and I spend less energy grumbling about not having enough time. Can you offer tips for creating time or managing time? Read more →

Welcome to the first Wednesday of back-to-school bliss! It's only school-day two, but my girls have quickly gotten back in step and reported that day one went great. Keeping busy on my own, this is a bit of what I'm doing: exploring organization, (re)learning invaluable routines and sharing world music to benefit Oxfam. What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Leave a comment or send me a tweet! Read more →