Share: Reviewing the Year So Far

Share: "Friday Five" Love List

It's 6:30 am, and if I don't whip this post up quickly, my husband will leave town without me. Here's my speedy list of gratitude for this first September Friday:

  • I loved that the mechanics who moved our tire from the bad rim onto the good one didn't charge us for the work.
  • I loved Allison's excitement for 3rd grade and Lauren's confidence in starting middle school as she navigated her schedule and locker combination.
  • I loved my first-ever visit to Penco Artist's Supply Warehouse, where
    my purchase included course pumice gel that I look forward to trying in a mixed media piece soon.
  • I loved a short-but-energetic conversation with a cousin about the myriad possibilities for her wide-open future.
  • I loved booking my annual "Best Friend Vacation" to the beautiful city of Portland. (I hope to visit my favorite bookstore while I’m there!)

Happy Friday, everyone. Share your love list with me here or on twitter. I'd love to
learn what you're grateful for.