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Early last summer, I was listening to my favorite radio station when I thought I heard the DJ announce a new song by Devo. I drove along in disbelief and, before long, I learned I hadn't heard wrong: After a 20-year haitis, Devo had released a new studio album, Something for Everybody, and "Fresh," the first single I heard, sounded pretty good. Do you agree?

About a year after Devo had me dumbfounded, the Cars came back with their first album since 1987. (Not being a Cars fan, I'm not embedding a song. If you want, you can listen to tracks from their Move Like This release here.)

The Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't have as big a gap when they came back last month with their first album since 2006. Here's a video of their first single from
I'm With You


And even more recenlty, Jane's Addiction has released a new single from the new album that will be available October 18. The Great Escape Artist will be the group's first CD since 2003. This is a 30-second excerpt from the new single (listen to the whole thing on their site here):


The singles from both the Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction sound, to me, less loose and raw than their older music. After my initial disappointment, I've come to appreciate this new music and have decided that if the groups are changing their sound, that's fine with me. Sometimes people, or music groups, just need to change things up a little bit. I haven't listened to any of the other tracks yet, so maybe I'll find the more "raw" sound I was expecting. For now, I'm enjoying what's on the radio and am glad to celebrate with this small, virtual "comeback concert."