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Share: Monday (late 1960s R&B) Music

Yesterday my husband and I attended Penumbra Theatre's impassioned production of Two Trains Running by August Wilson. Since the play takes place in 1969, this Monday Music post focuses on rhythm-and-blues hits from 1968 and 1969 by James Brown, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell and Sly & the Family Stone. The late '60s has always been one of my favorite eras in music; there are so many great songs from back then. What are a few of your favorites? Read more →

This week I've explored a different restaurant, learned to walk away and shared more about meditation. What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Leave a comment or send me a tweet! Read more →

Upon the death of Steve Jobs, I repeatedly read in articles, blogs and tweets that creativity is integral across the board—regardless of the field in which a person works. That's the ideology: that innovation and progress depend on creative thinkers. What's the reality in our society, though? What skills does society value? Generally, is creativity valued as much as technical skill? When it comes to creativity, does reality match the ideology? Read more →

Share: "Friday Five" Love List

While I can't rewind the week to fill in the gaps, I can reflect on what was great about this week: a wonderful mini-vacation, being welcomed home by my kids, exploring a local nature center, and more. What does your week's love list look like? Share your gratitude here or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to find out what you're grateful for. Have a super weekend! Read more →