Share: "Friday Five" Love List
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Share: "Friday Five" Love List

At the end of another blogless week I'm playing catch-up after a low-key mini-vacation to Portland, Oregon. Not only have I been neglecting L+E+S this week, I have also failed to get back into my important daily routines: meditating, journaling and creating to-do maps (not to mention tweeting). While I can't rewind the week and fill in the gaps, I can reflect on what was great about this week:

  • I loved my long-weekend visit in Portland; highlights included books, beer and my best friend Deb.
  • I loved being greeted with a double-wide hug from my two daughters when I picked them up at Grandma's after I got back home.
  • On Tuesday I loved unpacking and arranging goodies at my part-time job. (Fun new toys and treats are arriving every day as we gear up for Christmas!)
  • My girls and I loved the school vacation get-together with a friend and her kids. (We ended up having fun at North Mississippi Regional Park's Interpretive Center.)
  • I loved feeling good about donating blood yesterday. On my way home, I stopped at a funky crafts consignment shop and loved being inspired to spend the rest of the evening doing art.

What does your week's love list look like? Share your gratitude here or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to find out what you're grateful for. Have a super weekend!