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I love when contemporary indie rock music blends different music styles and incorporates unexpected elements. One example of an "unexpeced element" is flamenco clapping, known in Spanish as palmas, a commonality in the songs linked below.

Back in 1967, the band Love recorded this song called "Alone Again Or." The story of original recording (here) mentions the recording studio addition of strings and horns performed by a mariachi band. The 1987 remake of the song by The Damned seems to play up guitar in a more flamenco style than the original. But it's in this 2004 album version of "Alone Again Or" by Calexico when the palmas come in, making it my favorite version of the song.

I was only mildly surprised to discover here that members of Calexico collaborated with Iron & Wine on the 2007 album on which "Boy with a Coin" appears. (Online I couldn't find details regarding the palmas credits.)


In this January 2011 excerpt from Minnesota Original, Dessa performs
"The Man I Knew," featuring palmas musicians Trevor May and Aaron Maus.



Can you steer me to any more contemporary musicians using palmas? Are there other unexpected elements you love to hear in new music? Tell me here or
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