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What ELSE (Explore Learn Share Etc.) Wednesday

Though October has barely begun, it will pass swiftly. Each day on October's calendar seems to be full already. These are a few ways in which my time has been filled:

During my research in preparing for my participation in The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign, I wondered what arguments could be made against The Girl Effect. To that end, I'm doing a little exploring into the opposition of The Girl Effect. One article that questions the movement's worth is this piece from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which references this blog post. (The blogger's strongest argument seems to be evidence of an increase in domestic violence against women who are economically successful.) The only other critiques I have found are this (arguing in response to this blog post that making progress is not as easy as The Girl Effect would have us believe) and this (suggesting that The Girl Effect media could be more instructive).

Aside from learning about The Girl Effect, I have also been learning the value of mapping my to-do lists as a way of re-framing day-to-day tasks. I've started calling these lists my "to-do maps." Centered on "Grow" as my Word of the Year, my daily maps allow me to see paying bills as a way to create and organize or doing laundry as a way to move and be active. I've recently settled on my Light Words—Connect, Create, Explore, Learn and Move—and looking at my tasks through this simple "to-do map" framework adds a little more light and happiness to my life.

Grow on Wed 10-5

In response to my post last week on meditation, one of my twitter followers shared a mindfulness video with me, and I'm sharing it here with you ...


(Etc.): Mica flakes like I saw here are calling to me. I can imagine adding these to an art collage or two.

What ELSE? What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Leave a comment or send me a tweet!