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November 2011

As November races by I've been exploring burgers and beer in St. Paul; learning about orphan trains; and sharing a recent interview and in-studio performance by the band Dawes. What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Comment here or send me a tweet! Read more →

Share: Monday (Nat Geo) Music

Last week I discovered National Geographic's music site and the Nat Geo Music record label. I have enjoyed listening to the site's music player and today I'm sharing music from Nigerian "pop soul" artist Asa; Toubab Krewe, a West African–influenced group out of North Carolina; and the genre-bending band Balkan Beat Box. Read more →

Still scrambling to finish a handful of projects, I have managed to find time for what I love, some of which is outlined in today's post. I'm exploring the paranormal (safely, from my living room), learning some music history and sharing a Chuck Klosterman interview. What are you exploring, learning and willing to share? Read more →

Share: Monday Music

My daughter Lauren turned 12 over the weekend. In part because I spent most of my weekend nights at the local roller rink, I was a lot more into music at 12 than my Lauren is. This is one of her favorite songs right now: When I was 12, skating... Read more →

On this crisp November morning in Minnesota, this is my list of gratitude for the week includes seeing an awesome play, learning about a new game, talking with a best friend and thankfulness itself. What's on your love list this week? Share your gratitude here or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to find out what you're grateful for. Read more →