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November 2011

With Halloween behind us, my daughters' first term of the school year comes to a close, and Thanksgiving and Christmas approach at full speed. As November starts off at a trot, I'm learning lessons about Christmas gift giving; I'm sharing a few resources for blogging courses; and I'm preparing for my daughter's upcoming birthday. What are you exploring, learning, sharing, (etc.)? Read more →

Share: Reflections on "Two Trains Running"

While Two Trains Running is set in 1969, this work is as relevant today as 40-plus years ago. The issues floating on the surface in Two Trains Running remain relevant, and below the superficial layer lie themes universal to all humanity, no matter one's race or creed: We are all human with faults and aspirations; we are all, on some level, both oppressors and victims of oppression; and we all make our own choices in perceiving our personal realities. Read more →