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Share: "Friday Five" Love List

This has been one of those less-than-ideal weeks with too much on the calendar and not enough time. It could be that I felt out-of-sorts because I didn't take time to meditate or journal or even create a to-do map more than twice all week. Thin as it may be, this is my list of gratitude for the week:

  • Last weekend I loved being productive in purging a bunch of old papers and junk, including a notebook full of poems I had copied in high school by hand from Seventeen magazine and a 3-inch binder full of 9-year-old research from my Masters thesis. (I have no idea how my thesis could possibly be listed on Google books ... but it is.)
  • I loved spending time with friends and, as I wrote earlier this week, savoring the best burger in town.
  • I love my 12-year-old's generous heart. Lauren is considering using 100% of her recently received birthday money to buy gifts for Toys for Tots or animals for Heifer International. Last night Joel and I talked with her about balancing saving and giving; we'll see how she decides to proceed.
  • I love that being on twitter at the right time allowed Joel and me the opportunity to receive free tickets for this weekend's TedxTC event from someone who won't be back in town for the event.
  • Finally, today I'm loving autumn's last hurrah here in the Twin Cities, where the balmy air measures 47 degrees Fahrenheit (well, 43 with the wind). And with that, I'm ready to head outdoors for some last-minute yard work before the snow flies tomorrow (literally).

Nov_hydrangeaNovember hydrangea. Taken with my iPhone 3gs.

What are the highlights from your week? Share your gratitude here or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to find out what you're grateful for.