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When I was searching for a link to include in today's Love List, I saw pictures of snow from last year ... which reminded me that before it snows is the time to buy snow boots for the kids. (Sigh.) On this crisp November morning in Minnesota, this is my list of gratitude for the week:

  • My blog posts from Monday and Tuesday this week make it obvious I loved experiencing August Wilson's play Two Trains Running performed last weekend by amazing actors at St. Paul's Penumbra Theatre.
  • At a sales meeting for my part-time job, I loved learning about a locally developed older-kids/adult game called Morphology. (Check this out. Think of the game Pictionary but instead of drawing, you're building.)
  • My friend Deb lives in Portland, Oregon. With the two-hour time difference, and juggling kids, jobs and day-to-day life, it's been difficult for us to connect on the phone the past few years. When I was there to visit last month we decided to try weekly phone conversations. Since then, we've hit two out of three weeks; I loved talking with Deb the other night.
  • It was only this past spring when I started blogging and also tweeting. I love that from my account where I tweet about grief I have tipped over the 100-mark after adding a few followers this week. (The account linked here and below is where I tweet about learning + exploring + sharing.)
  • Last November, inspired by Carissa's "Thankful Climb," I created a gratitude wall with my family using colorful gel pens to write thankful blurbs on sticky-notes that we posted on a 2010_gratitudebig mirror in our entryway. This year, the gel pens are out again, and we're using decorated mini-clothespins to pin our thanfulness to ribbons in the dining room. I love how excited my family is to clip their thanks to the line.



Gratitude wall, November 2010

What's on your love list this week? Share your gratitude here or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to find out what you're grateful for. Enjoy the weekend! (Don't forget Daylight Savings Time ends in the wee hours of Sunday morning!)