Share: Monday (Nat Geo) Music

Last week I mentioned National Geographic's music site, which I stumbled across researching my post for last Wednesday. It turns out Nat Geo Music has operated a TV channel that, according to its Facebook page, has stopped broadcasting. Nat Geo Music is also a record label, and from the lack of current news about the label, I can only assume its future remains hopeful. At any rate, here are some tracks I have enjoyed listening to on the site's music player:

First up, Nigerian-in-Paris "pop soul" artist Asa performing "Ok Ok":



Next: In a year-old NPR review, North Carolina's Toubab Krewe is described as a group of easy-going jammers who are "also serious musicians with solid bona fides in West African music. They've traveled there to study and perform, individually and collectively, and their facility with a range of the region's instruments and folklore is impressive." The NPR write-up features Toubab Krewe's take on the West African folksong "Mansani Cisse." (Listen to it here.) The music player on the group's web site includes a series of live tracks.


Lastly, given this band's name—Balkan Beat Box—I wouldn't have guessed they're from Israel. This track from the spring of 2010 feels as fresh as if it had just been released last week.



While none of these are new songs, they're new to me, and I'm glad to have discovered this fun, rich music. What's a "world music" song or group you appreciate? Let me know with a comment here or on twitter.