Share: 2011, Year of Change

What ELSE (Explore Learn Share Etc.) Wednesday

In a flash, Thanksgiving has passed and December stands ready to jump in. With one end-of-year holiday behind me, I'm forging ahead to the next.

Monday found me exploring what's involved with long-arm quilting as I delivered quilt pieces to be "sandwiched" (basted) together and quilted by machine by a professional quilter. In the hour I spent consulting with the quilter, we measured the quilt's top, bottom and batting, and I reviewed dozens of quilting patterns, eventually choosing a pattern (design) as well as a thread color for her to use in the stitching.

Aside from learning more about the process of long-arm quilting, I've been itching to learn more about painting with acrylics. I have researched some online and local painting classes and just haven't found a course that seems like the right one for me. (I'm definitely open to suggestions for classes to learn acrylic painting and mixed-media techniques.)

Today I'm sharing a 22-second video of someone using a long-arm quilting machine. For smaller quilts I've stitched in the past, I've used my standard sewing machine to do machine quilting, maneuvering the quilt through/under the stationary machine's needle. With a long-arm quilting machine, the quilt remains (basically) stationary while the needle moves across the quilt's surface. Pretty slick!


(Etc.): One of my Christmas shopping list to-dos is to find an ornament for each of my daughters that reflects something significant we did during the summer. This year I'm again turning to Etsy, hoping to find just the right Christmas ornament to memorialize 2011. Do you have an ornament tradition or a year-end ritual?

What ELSE? What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Comment here or via twitter.