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December 2011

Learn: Risk

In today's post, I explore Prompt #3 from #WEverb11: "Learn. What lesson did you learn in 2011 from 'The School of Life' rather than a classroom?" What I learned through life in 2011 is that risk can lead to rewards. What lesson did your 2011 life experience teach you? Leave a comment here, or connect with me on twitter. Read more →

Share: 2011, Year of Change

What is one word to describe your 2011? Why does that word sum up your year? Sometime in the first half of the year, I decided that 2011 has been a Year of Change. It seems that much of the change I have been experiencing has come about because of an attitude of intentionality that I set earlier this year. Repeatedly during this past year, I chose to take risks and set aside the status quo in order to be spontaneous, learn something different, explore new experiences or connect with like-minded people. I am grateful for the journey and look forward to what lies ahead. Read more →