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Today's Reverb11* prompt comes from #Resound11: #Resound11 Prompt09 Best Photo: Today, please post your best photo of the year. It doesn't have to be the best technically, it doesn't have to be the best visually, but it should be a photo that you consider the best. Does it have special meaning? Is it of a significant event or moment? Share it with us!


Images, from top center: gazing at a northern Minnesota dam, resting on Stockton Island, waiting for the water park to open, at Lake Bronson State Park, aboard the Dragonfly on Lake Superior, during a visit before great grandpa died in March, ready for the first day of school.   


Throughout 2011, I have tried to pay special attention to where my daughters are in their young lives; they're changing and growing and maturing so quickly. With mindfulness, I want to appreciate their personalities and their experiences along the way.

This collection of photos represents some of my daughters' most significant moments through the middle of 2011: being with family, exploring the outdoors and beginning a new school year. While my two girls do have their moments of disagreement when they retreat to their separate rooms and post "do not enter" signs, most of the time, they get along well. I hope years from now their own reflections of their adventures together bring them back to fun and happy memories.   

Tell me about your best photo from 2011. Leave a comment here, or connect with me on twitter.

* Gwen Bell started the Reverb initiative in 2009 as a daily reflective prompt through the month of December to guide participants in reflecting on the past year and imagining what's to come in the new year ahead. With friends, Gwen repeated Reverb in 2010; for 2011, Gwen has invited individuals to host their own Reverb initiatives. You can find prompts along with lists of 2011 participants at #Resound11 and #WEverb11. Another source for prompts is Yoga Freedom. (There are probably hundreds of other blogs offering prompts!)