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Yosemite-LembertDome July2007Lauren (age 7), Joel and Allison (age 4) atop Lembert Dome, Yosemite National Park

My daughters have been camping and hiking their entire lives. When she was only seven years old, Lauren hiked at Yosemite to the top of Lembert Dome
(a 900 foot elevation gain) and climbed 600 steep granite steps to the top of Vernal Fall. Then age four, Allison summited these natural landmarks, comfortably situated in a pack on her dad's back. Now approaching her ninth birthday, Allison continually complains that she doesn't like hiking. What will she do while the rest of us hike? And what activity that Allison enjoys will the four of us find to do together?

Yosemite-Vernal Fall July2007













  View of Vernal Fall, Yosemite National Park (The specks just below the trees at top right are people.)


Do you have a family member who doesn't enjoy the same activities as everyone else? What solutions have you found to keep having fun together? I'd love to hear your suggestions in a comment here or via twitter.