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Learn: How Overextension = Clarity This Week

This week I'm getting a crash course in clarity. Let me explain.


These first two weeks of January, I'm working twice as many hours as usual for my part-time employer, helping create display props for an upcoming set change at the six local stores. While I haven't been loving every project, I've enjoyed most of the prep work and can't believe I'm getting paid to do craft projects. And yesterday afternoon the gig got even sweeter when a supervisor asked if I would do some sewing for the display set.

Yes! I will be getting paid to stitch some cute thing-a-ma-jigs with vibrant, hip fabrics (not pictured above) on my beloved Bernina machine. (Mine is an older machine than what I linked to, but it's similarly unsophisticated.)

And, yes! I am overextending my available time. I have added at least one project too many to my plate.

But it's all okay, based on this reasoning:

1. Joel, my ever-supportive husband, will help get our family through this short-term craziness. He knows my responsibilities, knows my skill and love of sewing and knows we can get through these couple of unusually hectic weeks.

2. Accepting this sewing project that I know I will love has clarified to me that it's time to scrape one on-going project off my plate. Of course, I will fulfill my current obligations, but this sewing opportunity has made it clear to me that in order to make room for the Good Stuff, it's time to say "no, thank you" to the bits that don't make my heart flutter.

For this lesson in clarity, I feel grateful today. When have you been surprised by gratitude this week? Leave a comment here or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to hear what's on your gratitude radar.