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For Leap Day, 2012, I plan to pay special attention to how I'm using my time. Along the way, I'm exploring snow-flocked trees, learning first-hand about the effects of poor ergonomics and sharing a bit of twitter serendipity. What are you exploring, learning and sharing this Leap Day? Read more →

In order to maintain an environment that encourages creativity, in order to maintain awareness of our responses to creativity, we must embrace imperfection: because mistakes play a vital role in creative process. Imperfection can serve as a springboard for creativity and innovation. When you try on a mindset of imperfection, you might be surprised by how your child's or your own innovation, ideas and creativity can blossom. Where can you see the value of imperfection in your own life? Leave a comment or send me a tweet. Read more →

Share: Monday Music

Today's music post features a collection of songs that grew on me the more I heard them, including "Honolulu Blues" from Craig Finn's solo effort, Delta Spirit's "California" and "Surgeon" by St. Vincent. What songs have turned from so-so to favorites for you? Read more →