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What ELSE (Explore Learn Share Etc.) Wednesday

Coincidence is the word for today's post. It was coincidentally sunny during my photo walk yesterday and then overcast when I emerged from buying groceries. Discovering the Yosemite National Park video below after yesterday's post also featured Yosemite? Pure coincidence. This morning I just happened to notice that this is my 100th blog post; thank you for supporting my endeavor through these 100 short compositions I've published here at L+E+S, including this latest installment of What ELSE Wednesday!    

Taking advantage of yesterday's sunny, unseasonably IMG_4131warm winter day,
I went exploring with my camera at a local park. At right is one of my favorite images from my hike on snowy paths.

As a participant in Britt Bravo's Juicy Blogging course, I'm learning and practicing some new approaches to blogging. (Yesterday's bite-sized entry was one exercise.)

Browsing Pinterest last night I ran across this amazing time-lapse video of Yosemite, one of my favorite places on Earth. (Follow me on Pinterest if you'd like.) I'm thrilled to share this stunning collaboration between photographers Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty:

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

(Etc.): Allison, my 8-year-old, went up to her room yesterday afternoon to take a break from her reading homework. A little while later, she came back downstairs and asked for help researching pandas ... just for fun. Following a link from search results at yahookids.com, Allison had fun with this page from the San Diego zoo. I just love how my kids use technology to explore and learn!   

What ELSE? What have you been exploring or learning? What do you have to share, (etc.)? Comment here or via twitter.