52 Birds: Week 6
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First off, I acknowledge that I'm basically* ignoring the Grammys and Whitney Houston's recent death. (I'm just not much into award shows or celebrities.) Instead, I'm focusing today on Minnesota music with a few of my current favorites.

This lovely song from The Pines feels beautifully haunting and gentle.


Last fall I posted Haley Bonar's "Raggedy Man" in a Monday Music post. Here's another great track from her 2011 album Golder.


And to get your blood flowing, here's a rockin' tune from the youthful Howler.


What songs are rocking your music world lately? Tell me about your favorite local music, especially if you're not Minnesotan. Leave a comment here or send me a tweet.

* Congratulations to Minnesota native Dan Wilson for his songwriting and producing part in Adele's Album of the Year Grammy win for 21.