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Today's music post features a collection of songs that grew on me the more I heard them. My first impression of each of these songs was lukewarm, but hearing them on my favorite radio station led me to appreciate and enjoy each.

Craig Finn, originally from the Minneapolis area, recently took a break as front man for The Hold Steady to record a solo album. When I first heard this song, it seemed inauthentic to me; it's so different from music by The Hold Steady. By now, though, "Honolulu Blues" holds a spot on my list of favorite songs for 2012. 


The repetition in Delta Spirit's new song "California" from their forthcoming self-titled album turned me off for a while. The lyrics, though, have sucked me in. There's something intriguingly incongruous in: "I want you to find somebody new for yourself, if not for me."


I heard this release from singer/songwriter Annie Clark, who goes by the stage name St. Vincent, dozens of times before I recognized that I actually like the song. The track feels dreamy in the beginning, then haunting and wraps up with some rockin' pop/synth. Reviewer Jon Young offers an apt description of "Surgeon," writing that "the mood escalates from serenity to hysteria on this unsettling track." Do you agree?


What songs have transformed from meh to favorites for you? Leave a comment here or send me a tweet.