52 Birds: Week 11

Share: "Friday Five" Love List

Before I head out for a jog, I'll share a quick rundown of what I'm grateful for looking back on the week:

  • I love that my handy husband has invested his week off working in our basement. My future studio/office space is getting closer to becoming a reality! By day's end, I think the walls will be framed up and the lights will (possibly) be installed ... [update: by the end of the weekend.]
  • I loved reading Allison's 1-sentence "article" in her classroom newsletter.
  • I've been loving the memories my cousins and sisters and I have been sharing on Facebook following my recent post about our grandma.
  • I've also been loving the interesting conversation going on in the comments here following Karen Walrond's musings about parenting and parity at work.
  • Finally, I love that the weather has been glorious this week: warm and sunny and coaxing buds from tree branches.

Blue sky 3.11.12

With that, I'm off for an outdoor run. I'll stop back to read your comments and tweets sharing what you're grateful for. Enjoy your weekend!