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Learn: 10 Truths of Creativity


In their books and blogs, creative people tend to tell parallel stories about similar creative experiences. The seeds of these creativity truths tumbled around in my head until I was able to articulate them with words. After the ideas sunk in, I settled on these 10 Truths of Creativity:

Everyone has the ability to be creative.

Each person's unique creativity is not better or worse than another's. It's just different.

Creativity exists everywhere; it's interdisciplinary. Creativity blossoms in settings beyond art galleries, museums, libraries and ad agencies.

When you are open to creativity, you will discover creativity. Be open to possibility, then buckle down and make time for your creative work.

Defining your creativity can shut doors ... or open them. It's all about your attitude. You limit yourself if you say, "I'm not a writer," or "I don't do ____." If you define yourself as a possibilitarian like artist Kelly Rae Roberts, you allow yourself at least to try.

Only you can define what creative success means to you.

Creative failures pave the path for learning. As I wrote here, imperfection can serve as a springboard for creativity and innovation. 

Creativity requires vulnerability. Risk leads to growth. 

Creativity needs nourishment. In a "safe" environment, you can feed feed your creativity the time, respect and freedom from judgement that will help it grow.

Creativity can be contagious. As I have focused on my own creativity, my daughters (and even my husband) have followed my example.

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