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Learn: Stop Stalling & Get Creative

Like me, you've likely read some form of these words dozens of times:

We are the biggest obstacles to our own creativity and innovation. IMG_4195-1

  • We worry about perfection.
  • We compare ourselves, our work, our ideas to others'.
  • We "wait" for the right time, the right space, the right mood, the right idea.
  • We spend time on Pinterest, Facebook, twitter and other distractions.

Just stop worrying.
Stop comparing
Stop waiting.
Stop wasting time.


  • Give yourself permission to practice your craft or test your ideas and to learn from mistakes.
  • Recognize that there are myriad ways to be creative and innovative. The world doesn't need a clone of Steve Jobs or Picasso. You can be more creative and more authentic when you develop your own gifts instead of trying to imitate others.
  • Carve out the time and space to create art or ideas. Start small and expand as you gain momentum. 
  • Find an effective way to manage your time online. (Sometimes I successfully take a quick dip into my online vices, and sometimes I get sucked into the whirlpool. I'm still working on managing this time-suck for myself.)

Working my way through a stack of creativity books from the library, I've been soaking up all kinds of advice for breaking past the obstacles we place in the way of our own creativity and innovation. Watch for more on this topic soon.

In what ways do you see yourself building obstacles to your own creativity and innovation? How might you break free of your own limits? Tweet me or leave a comment below to join the conversation.