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This week marks one year since my grandpa died. I've been thinking about him more than usual lately and feel a bit numb around the idea that a whole year has already passed. These few songs, melancholy as they may sound, lend me a little comfort when I hear them.

This first ballad, Riverside by John Gorka, tells a story of how time carries us through life. The lyrics don't necessarily tell a story of death, but when I hear this song, I think of loved ones I've lost. Gorka sings: "Time is a river / With no riverside / Space a sea / That has no tide // Can't get across, no / It's too wide / If you have loved then / You have cried"


Like the other songs I'm posting today, I had heard this next one dozens of times before I stopped to listen carefully to the lyrics. On a T Bone Burnett–produced album, the unlikely duo Alison Krauss and Robert Plant harmonize beautifully for this version of "Your Long Journey," a song describing the ache of losing a long-time companion.


Lastly, the LA indie rock group Local Natives lament, "I want you back" in their 2010 release "Airplanes." This song was one of my favorites for months before these lyrics sunk in fully: "I bet when / I leave my body for the sky / the wait / the wait / will be worth it."


Gramps loved all kinds of music. When I hear these songs, I can imagine him humming along, tapping his foot and enjoying the melodies and harmonies right along with me. Maybe rather than the songs themselves, it's feeling Grandpa's presence that brings me comfort. In any case, I'm glad to have the comfort this music brings me. What music has brought you comfort when you're missing someone? Leave a comment below or connect with me via twitter: @LearnExploreShr or @Grief_Friend.