52 Birds: Week 13
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Share: Monday (Ladies) Music

It just seems right to start out the new month with some lovely ladies' voices.

With the nostalgic feel of a sweet, bubbling river, "Emmylou" is a song I've loved since the first time I heard it on Radio Heartland this winter. I would never have guessed that the tune's twangy harmonizing originated in Stockholm, Sweden, from a pair of sisters called First Aid Kit. And yes, the song references the Emmylou Harris.


More recently I've been enjoying "Mint," the latest release from Canadian Kathleen Edwards. In my opinion the Rosanne Cash-esque "Mint," is a much better song than the Voyageur album's first single, Change the Sheets.


Lastly, this song offers something completely different. I have come to think of "Genesis" by Grimes as "my happy song." To me, the song is sort of an ethereal synth-pop soundtrack for joy. One reviewer wrote, "You could almost describe [Grimes] as 'Enya in the club,'" and I think that's as close as anyone can get to labeling this artist accurately.


As always, I'm curious to know what's on your playlist these days. Leave a comment below or send me a tweet.