52 Birds: Week 10
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The music groups whose songs I've been cranking up this week all happen to have animal references.

Minneapolis's The Honeydogs released its tenth record, What Comes After, just last week. The album's first single has grown on me as I've heard it over the past couple weeks. Aside from the horns that start the track, my favorite element in "Aubben" are the lyrics "but for the grace of the gods/there, there go I." The fun, nostalgic tone of the video rounds out the whole package. (Read the story behind the video here.)



From the Honeydogs out of Minneapolis to the Philadelphia area's Dr Dog: Similar to St. Vincent's "Surgeon" (Share: Monday Music, 2/27/12), Dr Dog's first single from Be the Void ambles along at first then builds energy about halfway through. As the track races to its finish line, "That Old Black Hole" works up to a sort of fireworks-grand-finale-sound.


Last for today, something completely different: Gorillaz and friends. As a relatively new and low-key Gorillaz fan, I'm a bit surprised at how much I love this new single, "DoYaThing." Here at Converse, you can listen to the song, watch the video, download the track for free or all of the above. As Converse describes the tune, it's "the perfect cocktail of Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy." It's great to know LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy is staying in the music making game. As far as I know, this is my first introduction to Andre 3000, who seems to rap effortlessly at double speed. If you're not easily offended and you want to hear more, take a listen to the full 13-minute explicit version of "DoYaThing" here.

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