52 Birds: Week 9
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Sure, I know I'm biased because these are three of my favorite songs right now. But seriously: These are some solid good tunes, and I hope you agree.

Formed in Albuquerque and now based out of Portland, Oregon, The Shins will perform this weekend on Saturday Night Live in advance of releasing their latest effort March 20th. I love their new single "Simple Song." Another track from the new album, Bait and Switch sounds great too. 


For this song, Parted Ways by Heartless Bastards, I don't have much to say. I simply love the song. (And the video makes me want to throw on my cowboy boots and pick up a guitar.) If you want to hear more Heartless Bastards, check out this in-studio performance.


Quick: From what I understand, today is your last chance to listen to Andrew Bird's whimsical, poetic, organic and harmonious Break It Yourself in its entirety here before its Tuesday release. NPR describes the ballads on Break it Yourself as "lustrous [and] uncommonly delicate." Previewed during his TED talk/performance "Andrew Bird's one-man orchestra of the imagination" last fall, Eyeoneye is Bird's first single from his latest album.


As always, I'm curious to know what music you're loving lately. Comment here or connect with me via twitter.