52 Birds: Week 15

Explore: Journaling

Flickr_3856284692_fb015721e8_bPhoto courtesy of Cornell University Library

Do you journal? Or have you journaled in the past but found the practice has become a tedious task? Here are a few ways to explore a journaling habit that will fit your life:

  • Seek your favorite pen. Visit a stationery store or an art shop with the express purpose of shopping for a pen you love to write with. Test drive as many pens as appeal to your hand and heart. (In case you're wondering, this is my favorite pen. When I discovered the navy ink was being dicontinued, I bought the last dozen at the art supply shop.)
  • Find a journal that fits you. Does a pretty journal appeal to you? Is there a specific pocket in your purse or bag that you'd like the journal to fit into? Do you prefer lines or blank pages? Hardcover or soft? (I started out with hardbound Hand-Book journals but have switched to more flexible, smaller profile Ecosystem blank books. I also started with a formal black; ever since journal #2, I have added cheerful colors to my journal selection.)
  • Discover the right time for your journaling practice. Typically, I'm a morning journaler, but maybe journaling at the end of your workday will offer a perfect transition to settling in at home. Maybe journaing at bedtime will help clear your mind and allow you to drift without care off to sleep.
  • Explore the place where you're comfortable journaling. Two of my favorite journaling spots are on my living-room couch and in the three-season porch alongside my backyard garden. Could you add journaling to your coffee shop routine? If you're a bedtime journaler, maybe you'd like to invest in a pretty lap desk to keep handy for journaling.

The key to journaling with success is to ignore any preconceived rules or guidelines. You can write what you want, when you want, where you want, how often you want. You can share your journals or not. You can do art in your journals or not. I invite you to explore journaling. And let me know what you think of keeping a journal. Comment below or send me a tweet.