52 Birds: Week 16
Explore: Sailing Lake Superior's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Learn: Living a Life True to Your Heart Takes Work

Setting out to discover and follow your heart's true path takes dedication and time and, yes, work.


More than simply wanting to find the heart of your life's meaning, you have to be dedicated to the way you get there. Have you ever picked up a book, maybe The Artist's Way, and gotten through only a couple chapters? Not dedicating yourself to the process is like hopping into your car with a mapped route toward a destination, then intentionally leaving your map at a rest stop and losing your way. You might still lose your way along your heart's path journey like I have, but when you rededicate yourself to the process, you will get back on track.


Just as driving to a planned destination takes time, so does getting to the true path of your heart. Schedule time each day to focus on the activities that will carry you along your route. Start small—maybe 10 or 15 minutes a day—and work up to a half-hour or an hour. Dedicating time is necessary in order to make progress.


Simply buying the maps and planning your route won't get you to your destination; you have to do the work of driving or traveling. Likewise, discovering and following your heart's true path takes more than just buying the books and reading them. It requires that you do the exercises, uncover your inner self and answer tough questions. It is work—heart's-path work—and it's vital to the process of discovering and following your true path.


In my own heart's-path journey paved with dedication, time and work, I have used "maps" like I describe here and guidebooks, listed here. And, because music always plays while I'm driving, I have a theme song, The Soft Pack's "Answer to Yourself," for my journey. The song's lyrics are relevant to this heart's-path work, especially these:

You gotta answer to yourself
Two days a week outside yourself
You take an hour a day, an hour a day
And you don't respond to anyone else


What would happen if you took time each day to work through some of your heart's questions? What answers might you discover and where might your heart lead you? Share a story from your journey in a comment here, or drop me a line on twitter.