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Learn: Prioritize What You Love for Fulfillment in Life


Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution

Over the past few weeks—or maybe even longer—I have felt lost. My thought patterns have gone in circles. I have felt uncertain, unhappy and unmotivated. Journaling about my feelings recently, I found myself listing the good habits I have let slide: meditating, exercising, mapping my to-dos ...

That’s when a light bulb went off: No wonder I feel lost! I’ve neglected the activities that help me stay on track with what gives meaning to my life.

Last fall as part of the Chookooloonks Path Finder course, I got back into the habit of journaling and have kept it up pretty well. One Path Finder exercise was to write a letter to myself that recognizes what works for me and encourages me to stay on my life's true path. I didn’t have to reread the letter to remember the activities that will help me get back on track when I resume them:

  • Connect with friends and family
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Map my to-do list
  • Make time to create art
  • Explore new places and experiences
  • Exercise
  • Eat & sleep well

What I Have Learned

Through this recent experience, I’ve learned that it’s easy to get off course. And I expect to discover it’s nearly as easy to get back on track. Just as practicing a foreign language helps keep the language accessible, practicing or acting on my "light words" (as Karen Walrond would say) helps me access fulfillment in my own life. I suspect that when I prioritize Connecting, Creating, Exploring, Learning and Moving again, I will regain my self-confidence, my happiness and my motivation.

What has helped you get back on track when you feel lost, uncertain, unhappy and unmotivated? Share here in a comment or connect with me via twitter.