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Explore: Sailing Lake Superior's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

After our 11-year-old daughter, under direction from Captain John, guided the 38-foot sailboat back into the harbor, I didn't want it to be time to dock the boat and call it a weekend. This resistance bubbled up despite my initial reservations about even making the last-minute Lake Superior trip.

Last June, my family was filmed for an 8-minute segment (embedded below) as part of a locally produced television program called Life to the Max. The family who had planned to go on the sailing trip had to back out, so my uncle, the videographer and a producer of the show, invited us to explore the Apostle Islands area on an overnight excursion with Dreamcatcher Sailing.


During our too-short time on the boat, we experienced dense fog that burned off more than once that day, only to settle in almost imperceptibly just as dense. Joel donned a wet suit and jumped from a rocky precipice into the chilly lake. All of us took our turn at the wheel, piloting the boat across the beautiful blue water. We hiked and explored Stockton Island before enjoying a dinner of grilled fresh white fish purchased in town.

Watching Lauren steer the boat into the marina was bittersweet: My heart swelled thinking about how she would always remember this experience and sunk as we left relaxation and approached reality once again. Now, looking back, I am grateful we jumped at the opportunity to embark on such a wonderful adventure. All four of us, I think, consider the sailing trip to be our 2011 highlight. We dream together about the possibility of another sailing overnight in our family's future.


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