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Share: "Friday Five" Love List

It's been ages since I shared a Friday gratitude list. I think I quit for a while because it had seemed to be getting repetitious each week. Or maybe I stopped recognizing gratitude in my life for a while. At any rate, I'm back with the "Friday Five," and I hope you'll join me in sharing your own love list. Here's mine for the week:

  • I love the mind-clearing relief of air conditioning after spending hours sweltering in the day's heat and humidity. Raindrops on lilies 
  • I loved feeling relaxed and restored (and worked to the depth of my muscular core) following a wonderful yoga session this week.
  • I loved watching my daughters have fun with friends this week.
  • I loved snapping a few iPhone photos in my garden following showers and thunderstorms that ushered in a comfortable cool front.

Paying attention to what I'm grateful for helped put a positive spin on an ordinary week. What's on your love list this week? Share your gratitude in a comment here or on the L+E+S community page on Facebook, or connect with me on twitter. I'd love to hear what you're grateful for.