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Mindfulness doesn't always mean sitting still.

Toward the end of my run this morning, I started to get bogged down. I was tired and hot and was ready to quit. That's when I shifted to practicing mindfulness.

Running shoes
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First, I paid attention to how my body felt: My face, coated with sunscreen, felt smotheringly hot. My side was beginning to develop a slight cramp. My parched throat longed for a refreshing drink of water.

In the next moment, I noticed that my lungs felt really great: wide open, not tired, capable. Though they were beginning to feel fatigued, my strong legs were powering me across the pavement as I passed one driveway, then another and another.

As I rounded the corner of that last block, I felt gratitude for my body, which was providing me with energy to move through the morning's breezy, 70-degree, blue-sky world in this active way.

Running mindfully allowed me to meet my goal.

Share: Mindfulness in Action is a bonus post (#1½) in a planned three-part series on mindfulness. Watch for forthcoming posts: Learn: 3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You on Your Heart's True Path and Learn: How to Practice Mindfulness.

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