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Jodi, a fellow Path Finder, tweeted this in reference to the recent World Domination Summit:


Pondering this question is inspiring me to take one small step toward a project I've been contemplating. I want to help community members—those who aren't necessarily blog readers—discover and live their hearts' true paths. Jodi's tweet is inspiring me to get the ball rolling.

How will you change the world? First, ask yourself a few questions:

What is pulling at your heart? Explicably or not, what do you really want to do?

What have you been delaying? What have you been making excuses about not doing? What have you been afraid to do? What has been on your to-do list for weeks or months or years?

Where does your heart come together with the needs of others? How can your own heart ventures help you serve others and, at the same time, more deeply nurture your own heart? (Read more: Explore: Your Heart and Learn: 3 Ways to Your Heart's True Path.)

Next, take one small step toward changing your pocket of the world. Don't wait for a stranger to give you $100. Just go. I'll join you!

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