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Learn: 5 Lessons from Living my Heart's True Path

IMG_4669Working on the project I mentioned in Explore: How Will You Change the World? prompted me to reflect on what I've learned over the past year along my heart's true path. As I continue to listen to my heart, these five main lessons can serve as a guide.

1. Living my heart's true path is a practice. As I discover my heart's true path, I continually practice maintaining awareness, figuring out what works and what doesn't. I continually practice recognizing the markers that signify when I'm on my heart's true path—and when I’ve gotten off track. I practice making intentional decisions that help lead me further down my true path.

2. It's okay to get off track sometimes. The practice of living my heart's true path doesn't require perfection. When, at any point on my journey, I get side-tracked and find that I've wondered off my heart's true path, I know I can always find my way back.

3. I make heart's-path choices each day, all day long. Now that I'm discovering my heart's true path, following the path is up to me: I make the choices that will keep me on track or bring me on a detour. When I encounter a lemon tree in my path, I'm the one who will choose whether to make lemonade or to eat the sour fruit.

4. My path markers may change as I journey further along my path. The more I discover about my heart's true path, the narrower I expect my path to become. As I more deeply explore my heart ventures, I might discover exciting new activities that replace or add to those that currently pull on my heart.

5. Discovering my heart's true community has enriched my life. As Brené Brown has discussed, we are all hard-wired to make connections with others. Discovering people who relate to my own heart ventures has helped me create a sort of personal cheering squad and "support group." How I live and interact with people—both in real life and online—has made ripples throughout my communities and encouraged others to discover and live their own heart's true paths. Interacting with my heart’s true community creates a cycle of positive encouragement.

Much of what I have experienced and read (see Explore: 7 Tools for Finding Your Heart's True Path) affirms these lessons as guidelines for living a fulfilled and purposeful life. Where are you on your journey to your heart's true path? What lessons have you learned? Share your thoughts and insights here, on twitter or on the L+E+S community Facebook page.