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We all lead busy lives. And maybe your heart's true path is not your occupation. So how can you fit doing what you love into an already busy schedule? Here are a few ways that have worked for me:

1. I set intentions. Whether I intend to spend 5 or 50 minutes doing what I love, I set the intention to honor and respect my heart ventures. When I honor and respect those activities, I find a way to make time to do what I love.

Art pic2. I prioritize my heart. When I set the intention to honor and respect what my heart loves, I grant myself permission to make my heart ventures a priority. For example, when I respect the fact that creating art lends balance to my life, I feel justified in leaving the dirty dishes in the sink. (They won't be there forever.)

3. I ask myself: How will I make at least one heart venture happen today? (Thanks to my friend Amy Egenberger for suggesting this tip.) What small piece of a big project can I work on today? Recognizing a space during which I can fit in just 5 minutes of heart venturing (which usually turns into 15 minutes or 30) often fosters a sense of possibility that shines with happiness and gratitude. 

The truth is, we make choices all day long about how we use the time we have. On days when obligations and commitments jam up my hours, there's usually a 5- to 15-minute gap in between activities. And that's when I can choose: fold the laundry or connect with a friend on the phone or online; pick up the mail or begin a bird sketch; go home by the quickest route or explore the back roads.

You have a similar menu of choices, and it's up to you to honor what your heart loves. I hope the next time you recognize a slice of time in your day you'll choose to focus on a heart venture (or to Explore: Your Heart and begin discovering what it is you love).

Let me know how it feels to spend just a few minutes honoring your heart's true path. Connect with me on twitter or on the L+E+S community Facebook page, or leave a comment below. Happy heart venturing!